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5 Common Misconceptions in Arizona DUI Law

Misconception #5: You must spend $5,000 to hire a DUI lawyer   This is wrong. In some hopeless situations, you could save thousands by paying for legal consultation instead of full legal representation. Every so often, you hear about sports stars getting arrested for DUI in Arizona. They probably paid $10,000.00 for their lawyers. The problem is that they Read more about 5 Common Misconceptions in Arizona DUI Law[…]

If You’re Self Employed Your PI Case is Complex

Owning your own business is great, except if you’re in a car accident, and can’t work.  If you own your own business it is often very difficult to prove that your business lost money while you couldn’t work. The law says you must prove how much your business lost with “reasonable certainty.” Nobody knows exactly what that Read more about If You’re Self Employed Your PI Case is Complex[…]

How To Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

A disturbing trend in accident cases is that insurance companies are going on peoples’ public Facebook accounts to see if they are really injured. Yes, it sounds unbelievable, but they are.  In the past, in a big case, insurance companies may have sent an investigator out to take pictures of you doing activities. Now, they just Read more about How To Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim[…]

Suing the Government? It’s Harder Than You Think

If you’ve ever wondered where your tax dollars are going, one place they go is fighting you if you are injured by the government. For example, if you are in a simple car accident with a police car, you’re in for a hard fight.   Two things you must know: First, you only have 6 Read more about Suing the Government? It’s Harder Than You Think[…]

Found Money

Most people don’t know that personal injury lawyers obtain additional money for their clients by asking big hospitals to reduce their medical bills. Hospitals are known for their outrageous charges. For example, big hospitals are known to charge $18 each for test strips that cost them only 55 cents to buy. Recently, I was able Read more about Found Money[…]

Dog Owners Beware

In Arizona, dog bite cases are very different from most personal injury cases. They are different from auto accident cases, slip and falls, etc, because they are “Strict Liability” cases. Strict Liability means that the victim doesn’t have to prove the dog owner did anything wrong. So even if you did everything you could to prevent Read more about Dog Owners Beware[…]

How To Avoid Getting Pulled Over by Police

When you are driving at 11:00 pm, the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution prevents police officers from stopping you for no reason. The reality is that police officers will stop you and find a reason. But if you pay attention to the following things when driving, you can decrease your chances of getting stopped: Read more about How To Avoid Getting Pulled Over by Police[…]